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HIGH FIVE® accreditation is the benchmark for excellence in children's recreation and sport in Canada. As a HIGH FIVE® accredited organization, WIZE COMPUTING ACADEMY has met the highest standard of excellence in providing sport and recreation programs for children. We've been recognized for our:

HIGH FIVE® Certified Staff

Quality assessment tools

Child-centred policies and procedures  

What is HIGH FIVE®

HIGH FIVE® is Canada's quality standard for recreation and leisure programs. It was founded in 2001 by Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO) as a national standard for children’s recreation programs.

HIGH FIVE not only provides recreation professionals with training, but also gives organizations program assessment tools, policies and procedures, and resources to raise awareness about the component parts of operating successful programs. Since then, the standard has evolved to include training on several of other factors including mental health, competitive sport programs, and healthy aging.

Based on extensive research on the characteristics of quality programs, HIGH FIVE established the five principles that ensure positive experiences in recreation and leisure settings.     

     A Caring Leader

     The opportunity to make Friends

     The opportunity to Play

     The opportunity to Master skills

     The opportunity to Participate  

Why is HIGH FIVE® beneficial?

HIGH FIVE® works because of its comprehensive, evidence-based approach to quality experiences for children. Through the use of HIGH FIVE® tools, like QUEST 2, quality becomes measurable, quantifiable and attainable. Organizations can identify areas for improvement with confidence, increase program satisfaction and enjoy the benefits of meeting an increasing demand for quality assurance certification.

Quality matters because research shows people are more likely to stay active for life if they have positive experiences in sport and recreation as a child. 

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