First Lego League CHALLENGE 

Innovation Award

WIZE Beavers won 'Innovation Award' at the recently concluded First Lego League regionals in Ottawa.  Congratulations to the team.

FIRST LEGO League’s inspire young people to experiment.

and grow their critical thinking, coding, and design skills.

through hands-on STEM learning and robotics.  



FIRST LEGO League Challenge is a research and robotics tournament for 10-14 year old students. Every year, the participants work on a joint project for several weeks as a team or as a class. They plan, construct and program an autonomous robot, conduct research on a topic of their own choice and prepare a presentation of their findings. The educational program focuses on  FIRST`s core values of respectful interaction, shared experience and critical thinking. After several weeks of preparation, teams participate in a regional competition day and present their findings in the categories of Research, Robot Game, Robot Design, and Core Values. Classes host a final event within the school.  

Team BEAVERS started energizing session and meet regularly on Saturdays preparing for the upcoming tournaments.


WIZE Beavers  Season CARGO CONNECT 2021/22

In this year’s "Cargo Connect" season, teams of 2 - 10 students in grades 4 - 8 will investigate how cargo is transported, sorted and delivered to its destinations. Teams will design, build and program autonomous LEGO SPIKE Prime robots and EV3 Robotics to complete tasks (a.k.a. "missions") on a themed playing field and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems related to this year’s challenge theme, all in preparation for regional tournaments, where teams present their solutions and demonstrate their robots for panels of judges.