HALF DAY / FULL DAY CAMP  :      5 DAYS OF THE WEEK                           STARTING ON 27 JUNE 2022 TO 5 AUGUST 2022.  

“Most of the time, children know the concepts but have neither the language nor the sophistication to demonstrate it. The concept already exists in their mind. We show them how to connect it to the real world. 


Days and hours for programs:

Weekday Options: Half a Day Camp/ Full day Camp  

                                 9 AM TO 12 PM AND/OR 1 PM TO 4 PM

                                 5 Days a week (Week 1 will be a 4 day camp)

Cost: Half a day Camp : $175*-+13% HST (Total 15 hours)

           Full Day Camp: Same Day/Full day Discount at checkout*  



* Early bird Discount if signed up before April 8, 2022


Age: Min: 7 Yrs Max: 14 Yrs Class Enrolment: Min: 10 Max: 20



               1.   Robot Petting Zoo: Hummingbird Technologies          

               1a. Mobile App Development     

               2.   Engineering and robotics      

               2a. MIT Scratch: Game Design & Animation         

               3.   Learn to Code and Fly DRONES           

               3a. Wild Web Design      

               4.   3D Design, Coding and Printing           

               4a. Design, Code & Mod with Minecraft 

               5.   Augmented & Virtual Reality: 3D Design & Coding:    

               5a. ROBLOX: Design, Build and Code       

               6.   Design, Code and Mod with Minecraft

               6a. Learn to Code and Fly DRONES

 Avail Early Bird Discount by enrolling before 8 April 2022